Thursday, December 6, 2012

My daughter's First 5K

My daughter, Kalynn, joined her school's running club, the Rowdy Runners. She wanted to do the Reindeer Dash 5K so I signed her and me up. And to be honest, I was a little apprehensive because she had run about 2 miles before this. But, it was something she wanted to do so I signed us up. 

The day came and she was so nervous. I told her she would be fine! 

The race starts and we have a good pace going. We ran through neighborhoods so I pointed out the pretty Christmas lights to keep her mind occupied. About 20 min into it, she starts getting tired. I can tell because hear the "clop clop clop" which is indicative of her getting tired.. I told her we can take a minute walk break. We go back to running and I keep encouraging her "You're doing great! Keep it up! You got this!"  Cars were coming and I had her go on the side walk. A few minutes later, I hear her fall. I felt TERRIBLE. But, she got up, and after some whining, she got up and kept going. We got to 3 miles and told her that we were going to run the last .2 miles and we did! I asked her how she felt and I know she was so proud of herself 
She pinned her bib to the wall, just like her mama. I'm so proud of her that she finished!

Here's us after the race!

As for me, I'm hoping to do a 5K on the 22nd. If I do this one, I'll have met my goal of doing a 5K each month even though I didn't run for 3 months. If not, I'll be one short. Not too shabby! 

I also plan on doing a 3rd half marathon, which I'm about 95% sure it's going to be the Big D. Still unsure about doing a full. If I can get a faster pace, I may consider it. Because at my pace, it'd probably take me about 6 hours. That's like almost a full day of work!! 

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